School News

  • Art Exhibition

    Our Grades 9 and 10 students sucessuflly participated in the Semster 2’ Art Exhibition, under the IMPRESSIONISM LANDSCAPE PAINITNG and THINGS THAT MAKE US WANT TO SCREAM themes.

    Grade 9 students were asked to produce a piece of landscape artwork; they could use any materials and show influence from impresionism artistic movement techniques.

    Grade 10 students were asked to produce their vesion of the scream painintg; they could use any materials and show influence from Expressionism artistic movement techniques. The MASTERPIECES recreation series produced by the students as part of their developing skills tasks were exhibited as well.

    They worked tirelessly to come up with ideas, before completing preparation work and their final piece, all done in their own time.

    This was a great opportunity for the students to experience the real contact with the audience and understand the ways in which the artworks are connected.




  • DP1, Business and Management Fieldtrip to Korca

    Our DP 1 (Grade 11), Business and Management class, had a fieldtrip to Korca to practice their Interview Skills, conducting Market Survey and experience businesses in real time. 
    Students went to the Korce beer factory and saw production first hand. They spent more time on individual work and did fun creative activities to build their "thinking outside the box" skills.


  • From farm to table

    Grade 4 visited Mullixhiu, a farm to table restaurant in Tirana. The students were able to see how flour was processed, from the grain, all the way to the bread. This trip was in connection with their unit: Processes can result in finished products. 
    They enjoyed a delicious snack of homemade bread, jam, eggs, cake, and pomegranate juice, which was processed and prepared on site. 
    The students were able to connect their learning from the beginning of the unit where they had to develop a process to grind grain into flour and to press pomegranates into juice. Thank you Mullixhiu for hosting us!


  • PYP teachers wanted:

    World Academy of Tirana is a full continuum IB World School, delivering the Primary Years Programme since 2012, and authorized this year to also deliver the Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme. The school will seek CIS accreditation, and prepare for its first PYP Evaluation visit next autumn.


    Enrolment is approaching 300 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and has a teaching faculty of 50 with professional support staff, a full-time psychologist and medical doctor on site. Students hail from 31 countries and the teachers from 11. Albanian, English, French, German and Mandarin are offered, with all students studying at least three languages.


    MYP students and teachers participate annually in Week Without Walls expeditions to explore other European cities and all they have to offer. The school's Code of Conduct is based on the IB Learner Profile, with a vibrant House system used to encourage and recognize students who emulate these attributes. The school has a Model United Nations, Destination Imagination, Lego League, Math Olympiad and Debate team, with students attending conferences, competitions and tournaments across Europe. Plans are underway to develop a Choir and Orchestral Ensemble next year to perform and compete.


    The school's sports team participates in the TAIS (Tirana Association of International Schools) leagues, fielding girls' and boys' teams at the high school, middle school and primary school levels for football, basketball and volleyball leagues and tournaments. An Athletics Director has been appointed to diversify the physical fitness, personal development, and sports options for our students and teachers.


    The school moved to its current 4-storey building in 2015, with a purpose-built Science Laboratory, Design workshop, Permaculture Garden, multi-functional Sports Court, Gymnasium, Visual Arts studio, Dance Studio, Music Studio, two Libraries, Cafeteria and Bistro.


    Albania is a candidate member of the European Union, working toward full membership. Cost-of-living is low compared to European and North American countries, allowing teachers to save much of their salary. This small country of 3 million is nestled between the Albanian Alps on its eastern border and Adriatic Sea to the west. The air is clean, water is pure, streets are safe, and sunsets are breathtaking.


    Tirana, its cosmopolitan capital city, is a 3-hour drive from Greece, Corfu, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo, with daily direct flights to most European cities from its airport. Shopping, cafes, restaurants and night life can all be found near to where teachers live. A 10-kilometre flagstone pathway for walking and biking leads around the artificial lake, with its spewing fountain, and through the forest. Well-equipped playgrounds and parks can be found throughout the city. Concerts, opera, Italian and Russian art exhibits, and theatre provide a varied cultural backdrop to enjoy. Albania is a country rich in religions, respectful of the multi-plurality of its society and citizens.


    WAT is looking to hire IB PYP teachers for 2018-2019 Academic year.


    To qualify for the interview the candidate must possess the following:


    ·         Graduate of accredited colleges and universities 

    ·         Certification/licensing in Elementary Education or Specific Content in Secondary Education

    ·         At least three years teaching experience

    ·         Completed at least one IB-recognized workshop

    ·         Knowledge of current teaching methodologies, curriculum, state standards, and performance assessments.

    ·         Willingness to work on a grade-level team and collaborate with all staff.

    ·         Possess excellent communication skills with a demonstrated ability to communicate with parents.

    ·         Assessment Literate and values the use of data to drive Instruction 

    ·         Collaborative and willing to engage in professional learning communities.

    ·         Differentiates and Engages students

    ·         Utilizes effective instructional strategies

    ·         Technologically Proficient

    ·         Culturally Competent

    ·         Current criminal records check from their country-of-residence or country where they have been teaching for the past two years

    ·         three professional referees, one must be their current head of school or principal

    WAT Teaching load is 20-24 periods/week, one co-curricular activity organized one day/week/term, daily supervisory duty either at lunch, outdoors and/or in the library, weekly PYP Collaborative Planning meetings, weekly PLC and in-service training.


    The package includes before and after-tax salary, accommodation allowance, annual travel allowance, IB-recognized professional development training as required by the school, airfare at start/end of contract to home-of-record, bus transportation to/from school each day, work and residence visas, and fully funded tuition for one child to attend WAT or subsidized tuition for preschoolers at our partner Montessori school. 

    To apply for the above positions, please send your CV, letter of introduction, photo, and list of three professional referees with current contact information, to Mirlinda Boshnjaku, at


  • Field Trip to the Parliamant

    A wonderful field trip of WAT Grade 4 students to the Plenary Session of the Parliament of Albania - part of the Unit of Inquiry "How We Organize Ourselves". As opposition and majority parties got into a deadlock during the session, students had a chance to experience closely the lively interaction of MP's and how they act and debate in parliament based on their strong political convictions and beliefs. This was an excellent live introduction to how the government and parliament function and how laws are debated and made or not made. This session illustrated clearly how people organize themselves into groups around an idea, and how their action/inaction affects the community and its well-being.


  • At the National Gallery of Arts

    Grade 8 students are working on a Unit about Modern Art with a main focus on the artistic movements and artists who made a difference during the respective artistic movements. They are investigating artworks from Monet, Manet, Picasso, Matisse, Munch and exploring different art techniques. Part of their learning experiences was the visit to the National Gallery of Arts. Students watched the personal exhibition of Xhevdet Xhafa, an international contemporary artist, “Autobiography”. The students were able to identify the use of different techniques used by the artist in order to express his main concepts and ideas.




  • Champions!

    WAT PYP Boys' Football team won the TAIS Primary Football Tournament today, beating out 5 schools. Congratulations to coach Erdi Kuburi, goalkeeper Matias Gjikondi, with outstanding play by Glen Zhilla, Tomas Caraoshi, Skerdi Sejamini, Dian Bylykbashi, Nikola Vucicevic, Matias Prodani, Martin Siftar and Matia Avdalli. Students were awarded the TAIS Football Trophy to be displayed at WAT.

    WAT PYP Girls' Football team took second place at the TAIS Primary School Football Tournament today, losing to AC Durres. The Girls' team had a win, a loss and two draws Congratulations to coach Diane Coon, goalkeepers Shanel Kasmi and Arta Hoxha, with excellent play by Amber Prodani, Carlotta Bollino, Perla Demi and Dakotah Zeitani.

    Both teams displayed excellent sportsmanship throughout the Tournament.



  • PYP student council

    PYP Student Council elections were held today with 6 candidates, who were vying for the role of President, making speeches to all PYP students to recruit votes. The PYP Student Council President for 2017-2018 is Era Gjika with Matias Shabani as Vice President, and Skerdi Sejamini as Treasurer.


  • Summer camp 2017

    WAT is offering 2 Summer Camps this year: 
    an Arts Camp (camp leader Ms. Mari Hawes) and a Sports Camp (camp leader Ms. Diane Coon), all taught in English, the IB way!
    For registrations please contact our office: or call: 069 70 74 300 or 069 60 56 123




  • Science Fair 2017


    Today Grade 4 to 11 students displayed their research, scientific experiments and technology inventions at WAT's Science Fair 2017. Students researched a science topic and presented their findings and demonstrated an experiment. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. TBA


  • Football Tournament

    WAT MYP Girls' Football team won the TAIS Middle School Football Tournament today for the second time this year. That makes a clean sweep for both WAT Junior and Middle School Girls' Football teams. Today's games were a tie against GDQ with defender Christina outplaying the other team's strikers and goalie Era making some key saves. WAT beat MIST 1-0 in a tight game with Nina showing her skills as playmaker and Nora scoring the sole goal of the Tournament for all Girls' teams. Magda and Fiona played well in midfield, keeping the ball in the other team's end for most of the game, while Luisa tried out her defense skills to support Christina.

    Well done WAT MYP Girls' Football team! Great sportsmanship demonstrated as well.


  • Destination Imagination Competition in Poland

    Our "Destination Imagination" Team:

    Dian, Carla, Maïa, Nora, Skerdi, Amli and Sara, is representing Albania for the first time in the Destination Imagination Competition in Wroclaw, Poland. It's the first team from Albania competing in such an international competition between 25 countries and 3.000 students. 


  • MUN Awards

    A proud moment for the WATMUN team. First time to participate in a Model United Nations Conference and the team scooped awards.

    Hinda Ina Bicaj was awarded the Best Delegate Award for the ECOSOC committee. She was also voted couple of the Committee with Delegate of UAE as well as being the main submitter for the resolution passed.

    Silvi Collaku was the main submitter for the resolution passed in the Legal Committee.

    Congratulations to all the delegates for the effort and hard work put into the preparation for the conference.



  • WAT @MUN

    Model United Nation (MUN) is an authentic academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations and the United Nations agenda. It introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making. MUN is offered at WAT as a co curricular activity and is led by Mr. Peter and Ms. Alena

    After 3 terms of preparation, the WAT Model United Nations (WATMUN) team is in Athens, Greece to attend the 7th PSMUN and be part of the 800 delegates from 12 countries, an amazing experience for both the delegates and advisors.

    The delegates are Risk Takers, Inquirers, Knowledgeable,Thinkers, Communicators, Reflective, Principled,Open- minded, Caring and Balanced. They have also developed their Approaches to Learning skills from ensuring that they are in the bus at 8.00 am (time management) to listening actively to other delegates perspectives and ideas (collaboration skills).

    We are proud of them all.



  • MYP Authorization

    We are happy to announce that World Academy of Tirana, the first and only IB World School in Albania, is an authorized IB MYP School.


  • Deputy Ambassador's Visit

    The Deputy Ambassador of People's Republic of China visited World Academy of Tirana to meet the students and learn more about their experience of learning Mandarin. 


  • International WUSHU Federation Coach, Mr. Hou Guowang

    A well known coach of International WUSHU Federation, Mr. Hou Guowang visited World Academy of Tirana on Tuesday. He exhibited Kung Fu practices and movements to the students who enjoyed and were actively involved in practicing after him.


  • Guest speakers

    Thank you Mr. Taulant Stermasi (coach) and Ms. Luiza Gega (Rio Olympian) for speaking to the students about effective techniques in sports and for inspiring them with your personal stories of the journey to the Rio Olympics.


  • Science

    MYP4/Grade 9 class in chemistry are currently studying the Halogens in their unit of Atomic Structure and Periodic Table. They have learned that the Halogens are very reactive non-metals, and because of their reactivity they are never found free in nature, but found as compounds with metals.  These halogen-metal compounds are salts, which also give halogens their name, which means salt-forming.

    Today in the lab our MYP4 students synthesized a halogen-metal compound (Zinc Iodide) by the direct reaction of halogen (Iodine) with a metal (Zinc).


  • DP - consultancy visit

    We just completed our IBDP consultancy visit, which is the final step towards IBDP authorization. Our Diploma Programme (IBDP) authorization is expected in Spring 2017. 


  • Earth Day 2016

    At WAT, we celebrate Earth Day every day, by conserving water and energy, recycling paper, and using reusable water bottles.

    On the 22nd of April (Earth day) we traveled to Mrizi i Zaneve, a local self-sustainable farm, to learn about farming, animals, and milk production. We had the opportunity to taste some delicious local food, we planted trees, learned about farming and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 
    An amazing experience for our Primary Students and Teachers. Thank you “Food Revolution Albania” and “Mrizi I Zanave” for organizing and taking care of all the details to make this day unforgettable.


  • Grade 10 Field Trip

    Grade 10 are studying Waves, Vibrations, and Sound in Physics. Students had a field trip at the Rinas Airport and observed real-life applications of wave technology in processes that take place both at the airport and on the airplanes.  Part of the field-trip included visiting the observation tower and to see how their sophisticated radar technology surveillance system is used to detect and display  the positions of airplanes.  A big "Thank You" to the very kind staff of the Rinas Airport, who gave the students a tour of most processes that take place at the airport as well.


  • Field trip to the National Gallery of Arts

    Grade 10 students are working on a unit about Propaganda and Socialist Realism. Students visited on Friday 11, the National Gallery of arts in Tirana to experience original works of art that complement and enhance classroom learning. They took time to look carefully, ask questions, and develop their own interpretations. 


  • Educational Field Trip

    Inquiry Field Trip to "Lufra" Dairy Factory, and Ardenica Monastery.
    - Grade 7 - As part of their summative assessment students will need to create a multimedia essay on a chemistry breakthrough that changed the course of humanity. One such breakthrough is pasteurization. The tour at the diary helps them understand about the UHT pasteurization process and learn how chemistry is used to standardize dairy production.
    - Grade 8 students have studied mixtures and colloids. The homogenization process in milk production will allow them to see how chemistry is applicable to the daily life. Students will write a reflection piece about the ways in which chemistry is used in daily life for their portfolios.
    - Grade 7 has studied Middle Ages/Byzantine Art and Architecture, and they will observe the Ardenica Monastery which was built during this time.
    - Grade 9 in will reinforce their Albanian History knowledge and understanding by visiting the historical place like the Ardenica Monastery. They will write a reflection piece on this visit which will be added to their portfolios.


  • Field Trip to Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Grade 9 and 10 in physics are studying Energy and its forms, Power, and Electricity. They went on a fieldtrip to HEC Lanabregas (Hydroelectric Power Plant) at Dajti Mountain. The students were escorted by the station engineers and learned the process of how water flow can produce electricity.


  • Pollution test

    Grade 6 and 11 spent the day learning about collaboration and cooperation as we worked to solve real world problems.  Today we collected three separate water samples from Farka Lake, Tirana Lake, and Adriatic Sea  and will work in groups to design experiments to test for pollution, how the water cycle affects pollution and suggest some solutions to the problem.  It was a fun and exhausting day!


  • Global Tourism Industry Topic

    Grade 8 students are learning about Global Tourism Industry.
    As part of their summative assessment they have to write a case study about Tourism in Albania.
    Part of our learning was a visit to Europa Travel and Tours agency, a famous agency known for touristic inbound and outbound services.
    Students had prepared a full list of question that could help them for their project.

    We would like to say a Big Thank you to the staff of the agency that welcomed us and explained every question we had.


  • Approved by the AP College Board

    We are very happy to announce to all the Grade 11 parents that our Advanced Placement (AP) syllabus for Macroeconomics for 2015-16 has been approved by the AP College Board. This authorization grants us the permission to use the "AP" designation on our students' transcripts in association with the authorized course. We would like to congratulate Mr. Nicolas and Mr. Admir for making this happen.


  • Primary news

    The primary teachers have started the New Year with two end-of-unit celebrations. Under the transdisciplinary theme, Where we are in Place and Time, second grade students inquired into how past civilizations affect our lives today. In class, students demonstrated their knowledge through newspaper articles comparing past and current aspects of life. During this celebration students performed a medieval song, a dance, and demonstrated how sports were played during this time in history. Great collaboration second graders and a big thanks to all single subject teachers who participated! In the upper elementary, parents were also invited to join an open house showing students' work done in class under the transdisciplinary theme, Who We Are, to demonstrate their understanding of how extraordinary individuals can inspire us and change the course of history through their ideas and actions. The open house naturally ended with a great performance from the Art class, with a Double Dragon play. Congratulations Grade 3 students and Ms. Eris for your creativity! We look forward to sharing with you some more exciting events in the primary school.


  • WAT participation at The Environmental Film Festival

    WAT is proud to announce students' participation in the environmental film festival of Albania 2015. 5 films by students of grades 8, 9 and 10 have been selected and will be shown across the country in competition with films from other schools of Albania. The festival will take place May 16-23.
    Follow the festival and support our students on


  • MYP - Earth Day Activity

    On Thursday 30th April all the MYP students and staff pulled their forces together and cleaned up the path at komplexi dinamo . This activity was organised to commemorate the Earth day which is celebrated in April. We filled up over 10 garbage bags with what had been left there, by other people. Passers- by were unanimously thankful and encouraging. Well done!

    While we were cleaning the area, a member of the City Council happened to be in the area and he was impressed by the work we were doing. Therefore to show his appreciation he invited the whole school for a visit to City Hall on Tuesday 5th May. There our students were given the opportunity to pose lots of interesting questions about environmental issues in Albania.

    They were great inquirers!


  • Visiting City Hall

    Last Tuesday, following the encounter while cleaning up the path at Kompleksi Dinamo, all the MYP students were invited to City hall to debate on ecological measures and mentalities in Albania with Councilman Mr. Aldrin Dalipi. They were all very enthusiastic about it and should be proud of having asked very good, thought-provoking questions.
    Well done students.


  • May, the literacy month for our PYP students

    Another enthusiastic day in the PYP! To mark the beginning of our Literacy Month, PYP students dressed up as their favorite book character. Thank you everyone for your creativity! 


  • ECO fashion - Guest speakers

    In Second Grade, we had a visit from 2 guest speakers to share their knowledge about designing clothes made out of recycled material and respect for the environment. The students used this knowledge to create their own outfits for their toys. This was part of the students Unit on Ecosystems, Sharing the Planet. Our students will also take part in the annual Eco-Fashion Show. 


  • Grade 1 Field Trip to the weather station

    Grade 1 visited the Klan Weather station to see how real-life meteorology works.  They met the TV meteorologist, and learned about how to predict and present the weather.  They even got some on-the-job experience as TV weather people!


  • Grade 5 project
    Congratulations Grade 5 for a successful Unit on Markets, How the World Works. 
    Students have worked very hard at different jobs (cleaning our school buses, cafeteria, etc..) throughout the Unit  to raise their own money to create a business: a Coffee Shop which provides goods and services for our PYP community. 
    Our PYP community collaborated by purchasing tasty drinks and snacks made by Grade 5 students. All profits will go to a “KickStarter” project of Grade 5’s choosing (see for some genius projects!). The people’s KickStarter projects would not be possible if they did not receive funding from donors. 
    Students were able to understand in real life the full cycle of goods, services, and money works, and they will make a real impact on the outside world!    


  • Field Trip to Greece

    Grade 4 students organized a Bake Sale and sold hand-made crafts made by the students to fund-raise for their field trip to Meteora, Greece. This trip was a student initiated activity and students were involved in every single step of the process. The students thought of the idea on their own and found a way to link it to each of their Units of Inquiry. Bon Voyage on Wednesday! 


  • Earth Day

    WAT made our 4th annual trip to the lake to do a whole-school clean up.  This event was celebrated with a picnic in the park on World Earth Day, April 22.  We care about the environment around us and are not afraid to make a difference.


  • We are authorized!

    We are very proud to announce that we are officially an International Baccalaureate PYP authorized school! 

    We received notification today, June 5, 2014, that we have become “an IB World School offering the Primary Years Programme”. 

    We want to thank everyone for their support and dedication throughout this entire process. We really appreciate the commitment and cooperation of our WAT staff during the last three years, as we completed the required phases of the IB authorization process. 

    We are very excited about this news and we are looking forward to continuing to provide quality education to your children!


  • IB MYP Candidacy

    International Baccalaureate - MYP Candidacy

    We are pleased to inform you that the application for candidacy for the Middle Years Program (Grade 6 - Grade 10) at World Academy of Tirana (WAT) has been accepted. 

    The IB MYP is a continuation of the PYP (Primary Years Program) and is a program completed in preparation for the IB Diploma Program.

    The IB will provide continued support throughout the candidacy phase, while WAT will provide IB training for all teachers and staff in order to successfully implement the program.

    World Academy of Tirana is officially recognized as an IB candidate school for MYP.


  • Director's Message
    Dear Parents,
    Our IB Authorization Visit is right around the corner! We have been preparing for this visit by ensuring that all of our staff members have received PYP training and that they are using their acquired knowledge in the classrooms everyday with their students.
    As part of our preparation, Ms. Gladiola, Mr. Martial, and I visited an authorized PYP school in Milan. The staff members at the International School of Como were very welcoming during our visit. We had the opportunity to see what a PYP school looks like and to see some inquiry-based teaching happening in the classroom.
    We feel like we have come a long way through this process and are very proud of our school and its accomplishments.
    Thank you for your support and dedication to our school’s progression!
    Albanian Celebration
    Thank you to the parents, staff, and students involved in the Albanian Celebration at our school on Friday, Nov. 22nd.
    Everyone enjoyed the delicious variety of traditional foods and drinks. Many joined in when the traditional dances began and all had a great time! We appreciate the commitment from our WAT family in helping encourage an internationally-minded community! If you would like to be next in representing your country with a celebration at WAT, just let us know!
    We look forward to the next international presentation at our school.